Imagic Eyelash Curler

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Magic Eyelash Curler is a gentle, easy way to get high drama, high impact lashes. Super easy to use for makeup beginners.

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1.Suitable for most eye shapes, beginners can also be skilled.
2.It conforms to the human body’s curved angle design.
3.Carbon steel bracket, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, not easy to damage, durable.
4.The handle is small and cute, easy to operate, easy to handle, comfortable to hold, easy to carry.
5.Double-lined round and wavy handle, both sturdy and non-slip.
Usage: Align the eyelash curler with the curvature of the eye so that the eyelash curler fits best to the root of the eyelash. Gently push the eyelash curler up.


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